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Lifelike, comfortable Dentures for your individual needs.

Complete, Partial Dentures, Repairs Port Kennedy

Dentures are one of many dental treatments considered by people with missing teeth.

Complete dentures are provided when no natural teeth remain. A partial denture may be provided when only some natural teeth remain. Complete dentures are usually made of tooth and gum coloured acrylic resin (plastic). Partial dentures usually have some metallic parts.

Dentures that are supported on implants have become popular (although expensive) in recent years.

Dentures are not teeth. They do not feel or function like real teeth. Well-constructed dentures help people with eating, restore a more natural appearance to the face, assist in making speech clearer and can improve self-esteem.

The Port Kennedy Dental Group uses quality, premium, Australian approved materials and are manufactured in Australia (usually Perth).

Dentures require periodic adjustments and repairs, which the Port Kennedy Dental Group can provide or arrange.

Dentures are not suitable for all people, and can have disadvantages. At a dental consultation, the complete risks, benefits and suitability of denture treatment can be assessed and discussed.

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