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At Port Kennedy Dental Group we believe a dental emergency is the experience of pain in the mouth or jaws that will not go away with the help of pain medication. Simply said if it hurts – it’s an emergency! Please do not delay in seeking help as leaving it to ‘see how it goes’ can only make the issue worse. If you experience the following in with or without dental pain, please visit or call us as soon as possible:


  • A broken tooth
  • A badly chipped tooth that is bleeding (not the gums)
  • A tooth that has been bumped quite hard where it caused pain, alleviated on its own but has become painful again
  • A tooth that has been knocked out due to dental trauma
  • A loose tooth that has been pushed in or is hanging out of its correct position
  • Pain and swelling in the gums, around the wisdom teeth, around the eye, in the roof of the mouth or in the jaw
  • Intense toothaches

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