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Frequently asked Questions

Gold DVA Card Holders - Veterans' Affairs

Vetrans Port Kennedy Dentist

Does the Port Kennedy Dental Group provide dental treatment for Veterans?

Yes, the Port Kennedy Dental Group has provided free dentistry to eligible Veterans since the dental practice commenced in 1996.

Who is eligible?

Veterans holding a Gold DVA Card will have most dental treatments available to them. Other card holders may be eligible but check with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

What types of Dentistry can be provided?

Most types of dentistry are available.

How does it work?

Veterans need to let the clinic know that they wish to access DVA dental treatments at time of making dental appointment. This allows required paperwork to be prepared.

What else is required?

  • The Department of Veterans’ Affairs requires signatures on paperwork.
  • Certain types of dentistry may require approval, prior to commencement.


What Fees – Charges occur?

Usually no fees are charged to the Veteran. Fees-charges are sent direct to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Are there any limits on treatments?

Certain treatments have a time limit between treatments. These usually present no disadvantage to a DVA patient, and are similar to conditions applied by private health funds. An annual monetary limit exists for some treatments (e.g. Bridgework). The limit is $2488 in 2018. This rarely occurs, and when it does two options exist. The treatment can sometimes be completed in stages over a few years, keeping below the monetary limit. Alternatively the Veteran may pay the excess and have the treatment completed.

More Information?

Further details can be found on the DVA Website.

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