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Urgent Dental Care

Urgent Dental Care Port Kennedy, Rockingham

Urgent Dental Care

Patients may find themselves requiring urgent or emergency dentistry in the Port Kennedy or Rockingham Area

The Port Kennedy Dental Group tries hard to reserve time each day to provide urgent treatment. Fortunately this works well on most days. If possible contact us (preferably by phone) as early as possible during the day. Although we try to provide treatment on the day, this is not always possible especially if only certain times/days suit the patient.

After-hours Urgent Care?

After-hours emergencies, a contact number for Emergency Dental Treatment is always on our answering service. The after-hours dental service we use is located in Perth, close to the Perth train station. Messages may also be left for our attention. Online booking services allow booking of an appointment. However with dental emergencies speaking to us is preferable. Not all available appointments will show with online bookings. We can also offer advice on help with your emergency.

Subsidised Urgent Dental Care for Adults?

Subsidised emergency dental treatment may also be available for Concession card holders. Adults may be able to obtain subsidised public adult emergency dental care through public dental clinics (Rockingham Public Dental Clinic). Details can be found at Emergency Dental Care for Adults

Subsidised Urgent Dental Care for Children?

School aged children can usually obtain emergency dental treatment on weekdays (Monday to Friday, business hours) at your closest School Dental Therapy Centre, which is usually attached to a school. Details are available at Emergency Dental Care for School Age Children. Subsidised emergency dental treatment for children under school age may be available at the Perth Children's Hospital.


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