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Dental Examination

Dental Examinations or Check-ups at the Port Kennedy Dental Group

Dental Examination

The Port Kennedy Dental Group has been proving dental exams or check-ups since 1996 to patients in the Port Kennedy, Warnbro Sound, Secret Harbour and Rockingham regions. A dental examination is the thorough assessment and recording of the current condition of your teeth, gums and related tissues. We do this to help you keep your mouth in optimal health.

Dental Examinations

Your very first examination is a “Comprehensive Oral Examination” (health fund code 011). Further examinations are Periodic Oral Examination (health fund code 012). A periodic examination, determines changes in oral and general health since the last examination. Thirdly, “Oral Examination – limited” (health fund code 013), is when only a part of the mouth is assessed. 

We need to assess your general health as well

A relevant detailed questionnaire about your medical health forms part of examination. The questionnaire needs review at each examination. The Port Kennedy Dental Group utilises a medical questionnaire recommend by the Western Australian Dental Association. Many general diseases can greatly affect dental health.

Specific Mouth Problems

Our dentist will ask you if you have any concerns as these may influence how we assess areas.

What is checked at a Dental Examination

A dental examination will assess-
• Your general health and medical treatment that may influence your mouth
• Your oral hygiene (how well you are keeping your mouth clean),
• Signs of tooth decay and your risk for further decay,
• Signs of gum disease and your risk for further gum disease,
• Signs of Jaw Joint problems,
• Signs of other disease or pathology (growths, ulcers, cysts, bleeding, cancers),
• Your smile and appearance of your teeth,
• Assess how past dental treatments are performing,
• Position of teeth, bite (fit of teeth), crowding (orthodontics),
• Wear on teeth (grinding, cracks, habits, abrasion, acid erosion),
• Missing teeth and whether replacement is required

Dental Examinations may also need additional special tests

Often additional procedures will happen at an examination to assist in assessing your mouth. The most common being dental x-rays. At Port Kennedy we also use fluorescence light probes to help identify tooth decay and bacteria. Tests for saliva, decay, gum disease, health of tooth, photographs and models of the mouth may also be needed.


Patients commonly call an examination and cleaning of the teeth a dental checkup. A 

At completion of a Dental Examination

After examination, the information allows suitable treatment to prevent or treat any problems found. The complete risks, benefits, suitability and costs of  treatment can be assessed and discussed.

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