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Protect your Mouth and Teeth against Sporting Injuries

Port Kennedy Mouthguards

Mouthguards protect Teeth, Gums and Jaws

Mouthguards should be worn in most if not all sports. These include stick and ball sports, all football codes, and contact martial arts.

Sporting Injuries

The excitement of playing sport comes with the risk of injury. Injuries to the mouth occur and can be reduced with a mouthguard. Unfortunately, a large percentage of injuries to the teeth and mouth are sport related. Mouthguards are a protective device usually worn on the upper teeth to reduce injuries to the teeth, jaws and related soft tissues.

Unfortunately only a small percentage of people wear mouthguards while playing sport.

Mouthguards reduce Damage

The Australian Dental Association and Sports Medicine Australia recommend professional custom fitted mouthguards. They both support the concept of a strict “No Mouthguard, No Play” policy in sports. Many Sports have and are taking up this recommendation.

Contact sports such as AFL and rugby have a high risk of collision with the face. Collisions still occur in the non-contact sports (hockey, cricket, soccer, and basketball). Trauma to the face is sadly a risk of many sports. The mouthguard can absorb and distribute the force of this trauma. This will lessen the risk of trauma damaging your mouth.

Mouthguard Quality

Mouthguards should meet Australian guidelines (Standards Australia/ADA Inc. publication: HB 209–2003 Guidelines for the fabrication, use and maintenance of sports mouthguards). Professional fitted mouthguards will provide the best level of protection.

The mouthguard works by absorbing and spreading the impact of a damaging blow. It should cover all required areas, be a suitable even thickness, fitting closely to the teeth and jaw. It is recommended that the mouth guard be about 3mm thick and made of a suitable material (most commonly EVA flexible plastic). This creates comfort, ease in talking, and breathing while still giving optimal protection. Mouthguards supplied by Port Kennedy Dental Group meet these standards.

Mouthguards are available in many colours and colour combinations. Mouthguards can also have a level of protection for specific sport.

When to wear a Mouthguard

A mouthguard is only effective when it is in the mouth. This means wearing a mouthguard while playing sport and training. If the mouthguard is not in the mouth, it offers no protection.

Mouthguard Care

Rinse your mouth (if possible) before wearing the mouthguard. After playing sport store the mouthguard in the supplied container. Wash the mouthguard after each wearing in cold water. Do not store the mouthguard in direct heat or sun.

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