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Teeth Cleaning the Port Kennedy Dental Group

Port Kennedy Cleaning of Teeth

Professional cleaning of teeth is known as a scale and polish. Health funds may refer to it as “Removal of Calculus”.  The removal of build-up on teeth helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The removal of stain and improved health of “gums”, creates a brighter smile. Most patients will have a clean along with an examination at a dental checkup.


The main benefit is the prevention and control of gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. This treats and reduces the chance of red, swollen, bleeding and painful gums.

Root Planing

The specialised cleaning of teeth required in periodontal treatment is known as “root planning” and may take many visits. Root planning treats and stabilises periodontal disease which otherwise can result in loss of teeth.


Cleaning involves the removal of surface soft (plaque), hard (calculus) deposits from the surface of the tooth. This is done while seated in our dental chair. Hand instruments (Port Kennedy preferred method) or mechanical cleaners may be used to remove hard deposits. Teeth are then mechanically polished with a gritty fluoride containing paste. Finally professional flossing between the teeth occurs. Rinsing then removes any debris from the mouth. A final assessment and refinement of the clean occurs.

Root planning is a little different in that contamination within the surface of the tooth roots is removed. When periodontal disease is well establishes and active, a referral to a specialist dentist known as a Periodontist is required.

Is cleaning suitable for me

Some patients with certain medical conditions will need special precautions. Medical specialists will usually advise Cardiac patients to have regular cleaning, as gum problems can impact on the heart. This is one of the reasons we are interested in your general health.Infrequently patients may experience thermal sensitivity after cleaning, and may need to use special toothpastes. At a dental consultation, the complete risks, benefits, suitability and costs of  treatment can be assessed and discussed, before commencing

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