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Teeth Whitening

Get the Whiter Teeth and Healthier Smile You've Been Wanting

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Teeth Whitening.

Teeth Whitening is a treatment that has become very popular over the last 25 years. Many patients from the Port Kennedy, Warnbro, Rockingham, Secret Harbour areas can now easily create the brighter smile, they desire at the Port Kennedy Dental Group.

Teeth will discolour with age, lifestyle stains (smoking, coffee, tea, red wine), poor oral hygiene, some medicines, dental problems (decay tooth injuries, calculus, fillings), and excessive fluoride. Some stains are external, on the surface of teeth or fillings. Polishing with an abrasive paste can remove surface stain and improve appearance. This is a “scale and polish”. Other stains are internal, being inside the tooth.

Bleaching is a chemical process to lessen this stain, resulting in brighter teeth. This works by oxidation of coloured pigments into less coloured pigments. Hydrogen and Carbamide Peroxide are the main two chemicals used. Internal stains lessen when bleaching chemicals are applied to the surface of the teeth. These chemicals penetrate the tooth and break stain pigments into smaller molecules that are less coloured. The result is a lightening of the tooth, returning the colour of 5-10 years ago.


Port Kennedy Dental In-chair Whitening.

You are seated in our modern Neo dental chair while your teeth lighten. Protective barriers are applied to your lips and gums. SDI Pola Office gel is carefully applied to the surface of your teeth. A non-damaging SDI Led light shines on the teeth. This process is repeated several times resulting in lighter and brighter looking teeth. This takes just one single visit.


PolaDay at Port Kennedy Dental

Port Kennedy Dental Take-Home Whitening.

The second and our preferred method, take home whitening. We fabricate professional custom mouth trays that accurately fit over your teeth. Insert the supplied SDI Pola tray gel into the trays and fit the trays onto your teeth. Wear these for an appropriate length of time over a span of 4-8 weeks. Recent research suggests that this is a better and safer method of whitening. Results possibly last longer, with less risk of damage.


Dark Tooth Port Kennedy, Warnbro

Single dark tooth.

Individual teeth that have gone grey/brown to black typically have or need root canal treatments. These root canal treated teeth must be sound, before whitening can take place. A whitening powder is typically sealed inside the tooth and time allowed to lighten and brighten the tooth.


Suitability and Possible Complications

For some patients whitening is not suitable. Fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures do not lighten. Patients with exposed root surfaces or who have sensitivity may find it uncomfortable. Extremely dark uneven colours are often resistant to whitening. With these conditions, other dental treatments are required to create a bright even smile.

As with all treatments complications can occur. The most common but not limited too, is tooth or mouth pain. Most side effects are mild and usually do not require treatment. Most side effects are less with take home whitening as less concentrated chemicals are used.  All dental procedures involve risks. Consult our dentist to be sure about risks and benefits of these treatments.

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