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Dental X-rays at the Port Kennedy Dental Group

Port Kennedy Digital Safe X-rays

Dental X-rays can be part of a dental examination or certain dental treatments. Our dentist will determine whether you require X-rays. Dental X-rays are not required at every dental examination, and only taken when needed. Your general health, dental health and past dental treatments will influence this.

X-rays allow unseen conditions to be found

Dental X-rays allow detection of dental conditions that otherwise cannot be seen. These include tooth decay, oral cancers, cysts, damage from infection, impacted teeth, bone loss, periodontal damage. X-rays also are part of dental treatments such as tooth extraction, root canal treatment, crown and bridge treatment.

Radiation Exposure

When dental X-rays are taken, a small radiation dose occurs. The dose of 2 dental radiographs is less than daily background radiation (atmosphere, sun, stars). It is less than the amount of radiation received on a 1-2 hour airplane flight. Radiation exposure is always low but talk to our dentist if concerned about exposure. For your safety we follow guidelines originally established by the National Health and Medical Research Council. These are now maintained by Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Port Kennedy Dental Group uses Digital X-Ray

At Port Kennedy Dental we ceased using wet film X-rays, several years ago. Digital technology allows safer “films”. We use the digital “Digora Optime” radiographic system. This allows a greatly reduced radiation exposure, and small comfortable “film” to fit inside the mouth. X-ray alignment holders routinely used, make accurate images.

Port Kennedy Dental provides protection during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and dental X-rays are a worry for many expecting mothers. The National Health and Medical Research Council advise dental radiographic examinations can be safely performed provided precautions are taken. A lead apron limits exposure to the unborn child. We will only take an X-ray during pregnancy when we feel the benefit will out way any theoretical risk.

Types of X-rays

We take x-rays where the “film” is inside your mouth. These are Bitewing or Peri-apical X-rays. These are the most common X-rays used.

SKG Radiology is utilised for other X-rays such as Panoramic (OPG). These are for surgical, periodontal, orthodontic and complex dental treatments. SKG have offices in Rockingham for the Rockingham region and in Mandurah for the Peel region.

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