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Removal of Teeth

We have a dentist with extensive experience in removing teeth.

Tooth removal extraction Port Kenendy Warnbro Secret Harbour Rockingham

Even with advances in modern dentistry, unfortunately teeth still need to be removed or extracted.

Port Kennedy Dental Group prefers to preserve teeth. When not possible (or feasible), removal is required. Reasons for removal may include extensive tooth damage, gum disease, bone disease, improving appearance (orthodontics), prevention of complications and cracks in teeth.

Once removed, the tooth is gone forever, so this treatment should not be taken lightly. Root canal treatment and crowns may be an alternative to removal of a tooth. We will recommend complex treatment to preserve your tooth if it is likely to be successful.

Our dentist is experienced in removing teeth (wisdom teeth includedand has removed teeth in the Port Kennedy, Rockingham, Secret Harbour and Warnbro area since the practice opened.

Before removing a tooth your general health and medications being taken are considered. An oral and x-ray assessment of your tooth and surrounding bone is made. The most suitable and safest method to remove your tooth is determined.

The tooth and surrounding areas is anaesthetized, allowing comfortable removal. The tooth is removed and after care information given.

Many teeth can be relatively easy to remove. However teeth can be very difficult and complex in removal. Complex removal (especially wisdom teeth) will often require hospital admission. At other times people simply prefer no awareness of a tooth being removed. When this is required, we will refer the patient to an experienced specialist Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Removal of teeth are not suitable for all people, and do have disadvantages. At a dental consultation, the complete risks, benefits and suitability of tooth removal treatment can be assessed and discussed.

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